Every event and party is different, so I like to work with my clients to modify the show and activities to perfectly compliment their event and work within their budget. Here are some of the options I offer…

Li’l Kid’s Comedy Magic Show

This show is best for ages 4-7 and features non-stop audience participation, silliness, and even the magical appearance of a real live artificial raccoon! This show is kept a bit shorter (25-35 minutes) to accommodate the shorter attention spans of the younger audience. The birthday child receives several magical gifts at the end of the show and becomes the star of the show by assisting on stage during the final trick!

Big Kid’s Comedy Magic Show

For the bigger kids, ages 8-10, this show still features all the comedy and audience participation, but a bit more “advanced” magic than the younger kid’s show and a little less of the “silly” stuff. This show can run a bit longer, between 40-45 minutes. Also unique to the Big Kid‘s Show, the birthday child and guests will all learn an easy-to-do magic trick and even get a chance to perform it up on stage with me!

Family Comedy Magic Show

Combine the Li’l Kid’s and the Big Kid’s show – and you get this, the Family Comedy Magic Show. This show is good for festivals and fair, where the audience might be made up of a wider range of older and younger children and families. It can run anywhere from 25-50 minutes.

Strolling Magic

This is a nice option for events where guests are seated or there are a lot of forms of entertainment occurring, and a formal seated show is simply not practical. Cocktail hours, dinners, communions, school events, fairs, and festivals, are some of the places where strolling works quite well. The magic is close up and often occurs in guests hands – it’s a very interactive, intimate, and unique magic option.

Balloon Twisting

These are not your usual balloon doggies, folks! We’re talking hats and creations using two, three or more balloons! Adding balloon animals to a birthday show, is an inexpensive and fun way to end the the performance, and it leaves each child with a unique gift to take home. Another option popular with fairs, festivals, and school events, is to have a Balloon Station where I twist balloon sculptures for all the attendees, usually for a set length of time.