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Here are some answers to some common questions I get in regards to my performances. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to email me.

Can you perform your show outside?

In the interest of performing the best show possible for your audience, I strongly recommend that all shows take place indoors. There are simply too many distractions (cars, bees, planes, neighbors with lawnmowers) and uncontrollable elements (wind, rain, heat, sun) outside – all of which can disrupt the flow of a show and weaken the performance overall. I do perform a certain number of shows outdoors each year (fairs and festivals, for example), but whenever possible, it’s best to have the show indoors.

How much does your show cost?

I have entertainment options from $100-$1000. I like to offer a variety of entertainment options to work with a wide range of client’s budgets. Contact me directly to discuss the details of your event and I will do my best to give you options that fit your budget. I try to keep my pricing reasonable, but remember: a professional performer usually isn’t cheap – and a cheap performer usually isn’t professional.

How far do you travel?
For the most part, I will travel just about anywhere within Connecticut – as well as just about any New York city or town within an hour of the western Connecticut border (Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam Counties, etc). But if you’d like to fly me to Hawaii or Italy for a performance, I am completely open to that discussion.
Do you use bunnies/doves in your act?

I currently use no live animals in my shows. I’ve used bunnies in my show many years ago, but my hectic pace of 2-3 shows on any given Saturday was simply putting WAY too much stress on the animals and they’ve since retired from the show.

What ages do you perform for?

My target audience is kids and families – so the age range for that is pretty limitless. All ages will enjoy my stand-up family shows and the strolling magic I perform. For birthdays specifically, I recommend the 4-10yo age range as the best fit for a birthday party magic show.

What do I need to provide at the party?

Nothing! Ok, well not exactly nothing – I do need you to supply the audience and a place to perform. Other than that, I bring my own table to perform off of, my own props, decorations, music, audio and backdrop.

Where can I see you perform?

While most of my performances are at private parties at businesses and in homes, I do perform a handful of public performances each year at various Town Events, Park and Rec Centers, Libraries, and Fairs and Festivals. I also work restaurants occasionally on family nights, performing table-side magic and balloon-twisting.

I generally announce all upcoming public shows and restaurant nights on my Facebook Page, so be sure to like my page! You can also always call or email me to ask about upcoming public shows.

Why should I pick you over another magician?
  • EXPERIENCE: I’ve been entertaining with magic and balloon-twisting for over twelve years. That’s a lot of parties and a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of kids and situations. I’ve also taught art classes to kids, co-directed a youth basketball league for eight years, and currently coach a youth basketball team. I know how to work with kids and relate to them extremely well!
  • MULTI-LEVEL APPEAL: I don’t present the stereo-typical, cheesy “kiddie” show. Even at a five-year-old’s birthday party, if there are adults watching my show, they are going to laugh too! Parent’s are often pleasantly surprised when they hear little jokes that are completely clean, but fly just over the kids’ heads. So while entertaining the kids is my first and foremost concern – I love to get everyone laughing and deliver entertainment on multiple levels!
  • I’M A PARENT: I’m a proud father of one boy and one girl. I’ve organized lots of parties for my own children and I know first-hand, the stress involved in organizing this day. So as an entertainer, I do everything I can to help make that day less stressful for you.
  • DIRECT CONTACT WITH ME: When you call me, you talk to me. When you email me, you get a reply from me. With me, you’re not talking to some impersonal booking agent sending you an entertainer that you’ve never seen or spoken to before.
  • QUICK RESPONSES: I don’t leave you hanging. I return emails promptly and return missed calls promptly.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Once we agree on the specifics of a show, I put together a Performance Agreement and email that to you. Everything is official and clear – giving you peace of mind.
  • PUNCTUALITY: I always show up very early to shows to make sure your party or event schedule stays on course.
  • FULLY-INSURED: I am an official member of the Society of American Magicians and carry a Specialty Entertainer’s Insurance Policy with a $3,000,000 limit of coverage.